PIXEL Camera Profile for Sony Cameras

Corrective Camera Profiles for Sony Accurate colors

Designed for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

01. What is the difference between presets and profiles?

Presets are a combination of settings that you can use to get a certain effect in your photos. After you apply a preset to a photo you will notice that the sliders have changed.

Profiles are a set of instructions that determine how colors are processed in RAW files. When you apply a profile to your RAW photo in Photoshop or Lightroom, the sliders will NOT change.

Preset – Silders change

Profile – Sliders do NOT change

02. Why PIXEL Camera Profile?
PIXEL Camera profiles for Sony cameras are corrective profiles. They are made by color science not by feelings. That means you will have sony accurate colors as a start point of your editing. You can still apply your favorite presets after using the camera profile. Having accurate colors will make you achieve better results when you use other presets.

Important: PIXEL Camera Profile will NOT correct white balance.

03. How to install PIXEL Camera Profile in Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom?
Copy & paste the downloaded file into “CameraProfile” folder.

(some folders will be hidden by default to unhide them go to File Explorer from taskbar. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options. Select View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK)

MacOS HD > Users > “Username” > Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > CameraProfiles
(some folders will be hidden by default to unhide them press CMD + Shift + . and to hide them again press the same key combination one more time)

04. How to use PIXEL Camera Profile to get accurate colors from Sony cameras?
After installing the downloaded file into “CameraProfiles” folder, Restart Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom.

Important: Each PIXEL Color Profile is made for specific camera model and will NOT work with different camera. If you have different Sony cameras, then you need to buy each camera profile separately.





Sony A7R IV – FE 70-200mm | 1/160 – f/3,5 – iso 250

05. Purchase & License.
When you purchase PIXEL Camera Profile, you get a license to use the profile(s) on 3 devices. You may not upload the profiles anywhere or share them with others. A lot of effort has been made to make these profiles, so please respect that.

After your order is complete, you will find the file in My Account > Downloads.

PIXEL Camera Profile

Sony Accurate Colors



Supported Cameras

Sony A9 II – ILCE-9M2 soon…
Sony A9 – ILCE-9 soon…

Sony A7R IV – ILCE-7RM4
Sony A7R III – ILCE-7RM3 soon…
Sony A7R II – ILCE-7RM2 soon…
Sony A7R – ILCE-7R soon…

Sony A7S III – ILCE-7SM3
Sony A7S II – ILCE-7SM2 soon…
Sony A7S – ILCE-7S soon…

Sony A7 III – ILCE-7M3 / ILCE-7M3K soon…
Sony A7 II – ILCE-7M2 soon…
Sony A7 – ILCE-7 / ILCE-7K soon…

Sony Alpha 7C – ILCE-7C / ILCE-7CL soon…

If you have any more questions about PIXEL Camera Profile please feel free to Contact us or leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Enjoy Sony accurate colors.