Keep Your Memories Through Our Pixels

Wedding Photos Reportage

All what you need to know

15 Hours incl. Photobook


€110 each extra hour

Photo books​ 28 x 42 cm

All photo books will be personalized. You can choose the cover, the material and all small details that you would like to have in your precious wedding photo book.

You will have a digital copy of the photo book before printing to check all the pages and the design.

No traveling costs in Belgium and The Netherlands.

PIXEL Photography

10 Hours incl. Prints


​€135 each extra hour

15 Hours incl. Prints


​€110 each extra hour

Light is our game.

We always make sure to have the best light for our photos indoor or even outdoor.
Good light means good quality but also we make sure to use a special light techniques to deliver you unique wedding photos.

10 Hours incl. Photobook


​€135 each extra hour

Pre wedding / After wedding photo shoot.​     € 350

A lovely outdoor photo shoot in a place of your choice or we can recommend some nice places for you.

You will get 10 photos in high resolution for the mentioned price and €20 euro for each extra photo.

5 Hours incl. Prints


€160 each extra hour

All prices incl. btw


Never lose your photos.

All our data is organized and stored on hard disks. If you would ever lose your photos, just contact us and we will send you a copy of your photos again with no extra costs.

5 Hours incl. Photobook


€160 each extra hour

Digital photos in high resolution & 10x15 cm Prints.

We deliver all photos in high resolution to let you enjoy the maximum quality of your images. 36 megapixels allow you to have huge prints with sharp details. All photos will be edited and retouched.